Yo what is going on on you guys I desired to show you the way today I made 34 greenbacks and 60 cents with the V bucks present right right here i’m going to show you exactly what I did so let me go here to YouTube it is simple and it’s whatever i have been looking at for a whilst so far as YouTube advertising so if I form in free v bucks what i noticed is I went to which video proper here I went to a video that they had a variety of views on it so one with like a million views i am attempting to determine precisely which one I went to if i will find it let’s have a look at right here free V bucks for tonight i’m going to type this in like that there it’s this one correct here k so this video proper right here has 1.3 million views some of the procedures that I saw on here as I was once watching by way of right here I saw whoever this man or woman is it can be the identical character all of these distinctive posts however i will show you it just you understand a easy comment on who else wishes to grasp the thriller at the back of for 90 bucks after which they’d this this website right right here so I figured i am pretty sure that this can be a content locking so I typed it in let me go up right here and i what the X and then again that up and then the dot after which me and i press enter and it brings me to this web site now i am watching at this part like this side is rather well put collectively and i am considering ok this has to be content material locking so I clicked claim now whoever put this together is dope then you definitely just kind in some random they may be able to you know opt for you recognize Xbox cellular blah blah blah click on proceed click on you know the way many books they want click on continue they’ll click on this and then it’s going to take them by way of this system proper right here which is rather cool so I used to be like well let me try to do the identical factor and see you already know if i will be able to get you already know some money out of it and i did ok however i will show you guys that in a minute so this is what the system looks like which you guys can see it is fairly dope and good put collectively people rather understand what they’re doing as far as you realize the whole content material locking sport so you’ll click on verify now what i admire about that is they gave you a time clock I rather wish to know the way to try this man so when I figure that part out i’m going to coach you guys i love how they did that I style of obtained an idea how to try this but i do not really know but you click on verify now and then it takes you to the present page fill of an present you get paid okay in order that was one and i think as you’ll discover one other identify so what they’re doing is developing false YouTube money owed they usually’re just selling these and then they may be getting the likes so one of the crucial strategies in any respect to you guys how to try this uh that I found out find out how to do an additional individual is this right here so all these most commonly are the same man or woman but they are all just sort of doing something exceptional now in the event you go to let me see let me go to my the most recent feedback first so this correct here is likely one of the fake pages that I created guys okay this is one of my fake pages and then if you’ll discover here which you could get you a fake with a brief area identify dot TK name and i’m going to exhibit you the way to try this and then all of these pages right here I created are fake and you are able to do some like false proof right here but then once you do it early so let me simply let you know guys what exactly you have to just do go subscribe to various these gigantic pages they do like gaming and matters like that you already know click the notification bell and things like that after they add you could go forward and hurry up and remark now there’s a pair ways that you can do this however before I do that let me exhibit you guys a website which you can go to to in reality get your shortened area title okay so just one second so what you can do is you go to Google after which type in dot TK ok and then proper right here which you could get free domain you know sites so what I did used to be I did V books 23 and then I checked the i’m going to investigate the provision proper now will not be to be had considering I already used it however so let’s say I did V bucks 27 or anything like that okay it will exhibit you which ones are on hand k so that you may just go ahead this one’s not available due to the fact i exploit it already but you form in you might have you learnt V books anything you need to style in just click on get at times it’ll have you ever go to a further page where you sign up and simply get the free domain so i do not need to particularly confuse you all so i’m going to simply prefer it real rapid after which let’s examine here Add to Cart we will go to checkout after which from there they would not have you you understand be equipped to forge your domain and all this kind of stuff you can put how long do you want the area so which you could you recognize if you wish to have if you want to go up into the years and you can have to pay however when you simply want twelve months you can do it at no cost go forward your domain to something landing page you have got ok and so that approach every time they variety on this area the place do you want it to move k so if you sort in that is mine I already informed you guys how I make my web pages however let me exhibit you the V bucks twenty three dot TK so when they form that in it goes straight to the page that I created on leadpages okay so that is simply form of you realize a bootleg version I just screenshot at the pics and all that got here down right here they click on declare now and then it sends them to Mike sepia grip present which is that this one ok so that’s how you realize I used to be able to do this and that is that is a dope strategy man that you simply guys can use every time you are doing it on you recognize a CPA grip or whatever content locking internet site you could just go forward and as quickly as they add which you can go in there and do your factor right and then one more cool method that I see a variety of folks doing so if i am going here back to Google after which i’m going to bold textual content generator should you go to lingo Jam right here what you are able to do is targeted matters like for instance right here after I would have really bolded this made this bold to face out like probably the most other persons have completed and if I wanted to do this all i’d must do is so i’d just do V bucks 23 food plan after which TK right after which I could prefer out which font or which boat text i love or nevertheless i need it to be however by and large i would just go with the bold you know solid black which you can reproduction that and you then could simply paste it you recognize anywhere you wish to have to stick it it k so that’s a method that you could bold a few of your textual content or all of it to make it pop and stand out and it can be simple it’s particularly easy stuff guys that you can do on a day after day groundwork to make money so like this man did right here you probably did the identical factor okay and in the event you type his in it can be an additional content material Locker so whoever this character is it could be the identical character which I particularly think that it is only doing a bunch of those comments on these movies and matters like that it is working for him i’m certain of it because you recognize folks I imply they work for me it was once a sexy simple thing that I was looking on I was like let me see what this is about when you consider that I was once going by means of cp8 grip just checking off the offers and seeking to discover how I would advertise in one other method and they received it this manner this way honestly works however you obtained to trap it on the right time so like I said go subscribe to significant channels after which you understand do your factor with these they bought a bunch of different things like Starbucks and all form of extraordinary offers on this so these are one of the vital approaches that you just guys can do it however yeah if you do not know how you can create multiple YouTube channels once you are logged on your channel all you have to do let’s go so simply take a appear at this URL here so just cast off this as soon as you’re logged for your channel after which type in channel underscore and then switcher k underscore switcher after which click enter and then it’s going to have you create one other channel beneath your equal channel you are able to do that as usually as you want to and create quite a few distinct channels to comment to your possess stuff to lift your post up and then as quickly as you try this the extra men and women liking it and all that stuff so that is a fab approach that you can you know comment on a bunch of viral videos to make some more money with a bit of luck I helped you should you like this video make sure that you remark on it like it let me understand if you want every other help under this video what other sort of videos you wish to see if you are worn out of cpa videos let me know if you’re now not then you understand what it’s what it is if you want to learn about credit if you want to learn about affiliate marketing should you just want to find out about forex some thing like that allow me understand considering the fact that i will be making much more videos for you guys to aid you i’m going to make some cash a few of that excellent moolah alright if you want to recognize my quantity one endorsed approach of making a living on-line it’s in the description beneath my movies guys as you know so if you do not know i am just gonna type my identify in cuz i’m no longer on my precise page i’m under the sort of different pages that i created but when you do not know i’m going to click on on this latest video and that you would be able to perpetually to find my number one endorsed means proper here and also repeatedly within the remark section beneath however now not on this video considering that it’s about cpa however i do even have you already know my touchdown page builder that i take advantage of my CPA path CPA software so investigate these things out as good if you want to subscribe to my vlog channel my loved ones vlog channel appears like this let me click on it got about 16,000 plus subs if you want to click on on this channel examine that out do you think man we simply looking to generate income the entire manner around guys that’s what it can be all about however other than that if i’ve helped you you realize do you feel that below the video contact me and i’ll see you guys later

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